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Fashion Trends

Off the Cuff – Why Undershirts?

A good question we get while working with our clients of Noble Image and Apparel – should I wear an undershirt under my dress shirt and if so, what kind? As a personal shopper, we always include undergarments in our recommendations.

First, lets explore the historical aspects of the undershirt. Since undergarments were not to be seen, there are not many drawings pre-1950’s.   Being seen in undergarments was similar to being seen naked. From a biblical perspective, undergarments were a way to ensure there was coverage since Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden and wore fig leaves.  This was added level of modesty for men.

From a practicable perspective, undergarments not only helped in providing extra layer clothing for insulation from the cold, but more importantly, undergarments protect the outer layer of clothing. Bathing was not a daily pastime. Maybe weekly. Therefore, undergarments helped to protect clothing from the odors and sweat of the day.   Also, the outer garments could be scratchy.

When we look at present time, we do have better hygienic practices. But, we can extend the longevity of our clothing by reducing the cleaning frequency. We can also reduce our cleaning expenses. That is a win-win – clothes last longer and require less dry cleaning or laundering.  Also, undershirts can keep moister away from your body depending on the fabric used.

So, if you sweat heavily, need to keep the chest hair tamed, want to protect your clothing, want a finished look, reduce deodorant stains, get cold easily or want to avoid chafed skin under a stiff fronted shirt, then we recommend your wear an undershirt.

Remember, a T-shirt is NOT and undershirt. Your undershirt should be closefitting and similar to your skin tone.   You want your undershirts to look good and be comfortable. Noble Image and apparel can help you find the right undershirt.

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