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Off the Cuff – April Showers

Clients of Noble Image and Apparel are encouraged to let us, as their personal shopper, select the perfect rain gear for the weather we encounter during this month. March winds bring April Showers! As Image Consultants, We can help you select the right style and fit of a Trench Coat. Why a Trench Coat? A stylish Trench Coat will enhance your wardrobe, provide needed protection for your clothing and can be layered with any style of clothing.

Trench coats were said to be created for the benefit of soldiers in World War I. It was durable and also fashionable for military officers. Civilians soon adopted this style of coat. Since the Trench Coat was designed for the military, it is usually double-breasted with ten buttons on the front. The knee length coat comes in several colors: black, beige, tan and olive. The trench coat has become a classic for men and women.   The coat can be tailored to provide you with a professionally finished look. The lightweight fabric makes it ideal for travel. Function and Style comes with owning a well-made trench coat. Think Humphrey Bogart – Casablanca. This coat was designed for looks and practicality.

The Trench Coat is breathable and waterproof. Since the coat is excellent for inclement weather; it provides good protection from wind and rain. This is done with the use of two different types of coatings: laminate and fabric coating.  For very cold weather, a removable liner can be used. Usually the liner is plaid. There are also liners in solid colors.

The Trench coat is excellent for all occasions. It can be layered with your casual wear, professional suits or formal attire.   With the attention to detail in design and tailoring, the coat works well for the man on the go. It is the perfect silhouette for any body style and will be a great addition to the wardrobe of a well-dressed man.