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Off the Cuff – Layering

Noble Image and Apparel can help you achieve a great style and while also ensuing you stay warm. Our Personal Shoppers can help you with the important elements of maintaining these priorities involving winter fabrics, under garments, middle layer of clothing, the top layer and the right shoes.   It would be a horrible feeling to not be prepared for the cold weather and to also not look the part of a stylish man.

Let’s start the process by planning on the basics – your undergarments. Consider thermals that are lightweight. The thinner the clothing at this layer, the better to ensure you do not look bulky.   This should be for the upper and lower body. These are not your father’s long johns! Also as part of the basics – appropriate socks. Consider thin wool socks to help with keeping the toes toasty.

Next will be the shirts, pants, sweaters, vests and blazers. Consider your personal style as you select the clothing for this step. Pops of color help to set off your outfit for any environment. This layer will be a little thicker than your basic layer.   Try to incorporate bold colors, patterns and textures to show your signature look.

For the last and thickest layer – scarves, hats, overcoats and shoes.   Consider the basic colors such as browns, blacks and greys. However it is fun to be whimsical with more pops of color with this layer to help keep your mood positive while navigating in winter weather. We also remind our clients it is very important to invest in the perfect shoes needed to protect your feet in the coldest of weather.

At Noble Image and Apparel, we can help you with your winter wardrobe selection. We will ensure you stay warm without neglecting your sense of personal style.

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