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Off the Cuff – Reflections of an Image Consultant

While it may not feel like it’s spring, spring is here. What does that mean? It is time for men to get their spring and summer looks together and talk about men’s fashions.

When I was at Men’s New York Fashion Week, I noticed a return to the preppy look: printed jackets, pants and even polo shirts. The look is short in the body and fitted around the waist. By the way, take it from this fashion consultant, don’t over do it! If you wear a printed shirt, wear solid pants and visa versa. Also make sure your garments fit correctly so it doesn’t’ look like you’re wearing pajamas.   Always look your best.

I also noticed wearing white is making a huge resurgence.   But the trick to wearing white is to make sure textures contrast as to keep your look from appearing tacky or overstated.

At Noble Image and Apparel, we believe in keeping looks simple and streamlined. When getting ready to start your day, get a nice shirt; choose a pair of pants, select a pair of boat shoes or sneakers and go for it!

When looking at all the new colors and fashion trends, one thing to keep in mind is there is nothing worse than buying trends that don’t make it through one season. Stick to the classics, the garments that are going to be around for a while and you are sure to get your money’s worth out them. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your look your own and modernize your look by possibly adding a splash of color.

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