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Off the Cuff – You Can Afford a Custom Made Suit

As a Personal Shopper and Image Consultant, Noble Image and Apparel can help our clients through the process of acquiring a custom made suit. This process is affordable when you consider the long-term investment. The suit is made specifically to your taste, your style and when done correctly, will last longer than a suit purchased “off the rack”.

When you shop in a regular men’s store for a suit, you are limited by the inventory available. There will be the usual black suits, grey suits and navy suits. Some will have pinstripes and some will have patterns. However, you are only able to select what’s available. And tailoring will be needed. After all, we don’t have the perfect specifications.

With a suit made to order, you select the pattern, the material and the design. You would expect attention to details such as buttons, lapels, stitching, cut, padding and lining.   You get to design a suit made especially for you and your style. When you consider the cost of tailoring an off the rack suit to your fit, the total outlay can get quite expensive. However, you do want the best look since your clothes impact how others perceive you – your brand.

Because of the quality of material, the attention to detail and the work done on creating your suit, you will find with proper care, your suit will have that quality look for years.    This more cost effective than purchasing many suits of a period of time.

A custom suit made based on your style is a great investment in you. Let Noble Image and Apparel assist you with your next purchase.

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