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Slim Fit Suits vs. Traditional Fit

We have reached a new era in men’s dress, the ability to choose between slim fit suits and traditional. Slim fit suits have rapidly gained traction in menswear. This is a good thing since this now gives us more choices. But where do you find yourself in this process? On one hand for the very thin man, this is nothing short of a godsend. But, for middle weight to the Regal Fit man, this may not be the best choice. I say this because there are larger men who like the look, but it is not the best fit for them. Some things come into fashion which are not necessarily the best fit for everyone.

Slim fits suits can also be a great idea for the athletic body proportions not seen in the traditional fit suits. There are various variations of body styles and types, too numerous for this blog. But, there are different ways of fitting the individual so he can achieve his best look at an affordable price.

I would also add there are suits made for the Regal Fit. This style allows more waist room in the pant and crotch. However, there is a nice fit in the jacket.

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