Must say having Eric helping me to choose some suits i needed for work . it was simply the best service i ever got in a long time . Eric was very professional and patient and very knowledgeable. he also got great test in fashion . I must add that Not only that i hand up buying 4 suits from him , Erik also guided me around the store and assist me in selecting the perfect shirts and ties to go with the suites. as well as 2 pair of shoes ,belts,cufflinks. i know that i will be returning to the store in the near future to buy some more stuff from him for my kids. thank you again Eric.

Ben L., Assarag


I have worked with several custom clothiers over the years and I would rank Eric among a small fraternity of clothiers who are not dabbles but professionals who really know what they are doing. A good clothier will not only show clients how he puts himself together, he teaches you how to do it for yourself. That way when you need to make an important wardrobe decision you don’t go out looking like you tried to copy a magazine advertisement and almost got it right. When it comes to teaching the ‘How To’ and the ‘Whys’ of men’s wardrobing Eric is a master at his craft. I don’t try to maintain my car, or attempt to repair my house myself. I leave it to professionals. Why would I leave something as important as my public image to chance? Eric ‘ s services have been one of the highest returns on investments I have made in my professional career. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their image to the next level.

Michael M.

Automobile Sales

When I moved to Ft Lauderdale from Maine, lets say I needed to get an all new wardrobe for a new job. I am not a fan of shopping, but Eric made it easy. He spent the time I needed, found not only the right size, but Suits, shorts and ties that were in style, fashionable and made me feel good. He was very patient as I went over everything, and when we were done, I felt Great. No pressure, good advice and I feel and look like a Million bucks. Being in sales myself, I appreciate his service, and will use him as I continue to build my wardrobe as seasons change. Thanks Eric.

Stuart A

My wife has asked me to update my wardrobe , as a result a friend of mine introduce me to Eric Noble. His knowledge of clothing and style, has helped me redefine myself as a well dressed man. My wife is thrilled and feels that she now has a new man after Erics intervention , job well done Eric

Chuck S


Mr. NOBLE has proven to have a great deal of experience and knowledge when it comes to clothing attire. I find that he stays current with the latest fashion trends in this industry and would highly recommend him.

Kenneth L

Eric has always been professional, highly competent and emotionally intelligent in all the interactions we have shared.
I have known and worked Eric for about 5 years in the better apparel business, I’d like to work with him for many more years.

Jeffrey G

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