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What a Personal Shopper Does for you

Personal shoppers are every man’s dream come true to avoid crowded stores and pushy sales people. Pay someone else to do the work so you can enjoy watching a football game, going to happy hour with the guys, or squeezing a round of golf in after work! Understand what these image consultant professionals do to help make your life easier. Here are steps that a person with this profession would do on any given day:

Meet & Consult with Clients

After you hire a personal shopper, he or she will sit down and meet with you. During this time, you’ll discuss what you do, your favorite hobbies your wardrobe needs and clothing budget. This allows for the image consultant to get to know you and understand your personal style and preferences. If you feel like the image consultant is a good fit for your needs, then a closet evaluation is scheduled.

Closet Evaluation & Advice

Your personal shopper will go through your closet to understand what you already have. Then he will discuss with you what items you should definitely keep and items you should consider getting rid of. The discussion will also include what types of clothing would look good on you based on your body shape, skin tone, what fits your needs on a daily basis and get your body measurements. You may find that there are different colors, patterns, or styles that make you look leaner, taller, or more professional.

You’ll also discuss fashion trends that are in right now and what you should wear based on the season. If you’re not a fashion forward person, this can be a great way to make a change and start dressing more fashionably. On top of that, you can get advice on how to put ensembles together and learn what colors you should wear together. You may end up finding that there are clothes in your closet that you could breathe new life into by learning how to pair items together.

variety of stylish men's clothing
variety of stylish men’s clothing


Finally, it’s time to go shopping. You can chose to either go with your image consultant or leave it up to him to do the shopping for you. With the knowledge of the clothes that you need and want, your personal shopper will outfit you appropriately. Not only will he shop for clothes, your personal shopper will find shoes and accessories.

As an added bonus, your personal shopper will create a composition book of various outfits for you to refer back to when you are having some problems picking out something to wear and cannot remember all of the looks you had discussed.

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